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“Let & Forget” Guaranteed Rent

We work with a large number of landlords who enjoy the added peace of mind by receiving one monthly guaranteed rental payment.

Landlords property’s are kept to a very high standard and enjoy knowing the building and all it’s contents are covered by our 100% guarantee.

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Find out why landlords love homeshare

“Homeshare have done a fantastic job redeveloping and maintaining my HMO. It’s now a beautiful 5 bedroom house share and the whole process has been fantastic.”
Homeshare Landlord


Guaranteed Rent

We guarantee that you will receive full monthly rental value for your property. So even if it’s vacant or full, you will receive a payment from homeshare every month for a fixed-term contract.


Full property maintenance

We have a team of high-quality individuals who ensure that your property is maintained to a high standard. We also offer a full refurbishment programme for landlords looking to upgrade their properties.


Tenant finding scheme

To make sure all our landlords and tenants are happy, we carefully select tenants and put them into the right house for them based upon different factors such as profession, things in common etc.

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Homeshare are the HMO property experts!

With guaranteed rent and high-quality refurbisments, homeshare can help create high-value properties with fantastic tenants. And we include all maintenance as part of our contracts so you don’t have to worry about a thing. To find out more, click on the button below!

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Watch the video below to find out more about how homeshare works, or give our team a call directly on 0333 7727771.

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Call us today on 0333 7727771 and find out why more and more landlords are trusting homeshare.

Homeshare can refurbish your property

If you have a buy-to-let or HMO that is in need of work, we can assist in refurbishing the property as part of our service. For more information, call us on 0333 7727771.

Wilson Street, Derby
Wilson Street, Derby
Wilson Street, Derby

Call us today on 0115 8450535 and find out more about our property management services.

See the savings for yourself!

Here’s an example of the costs involved for a six bedroom house in Nottingham with an average room rental of £375 per person.


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Monthly management fees

10-12% (+VAT)

No fees

Landlord set-up fees

£200 – 400 (+VAT)

No set-up fees

Tennant finding fees

£150 – 200 (+VAT)

No finders fees

Inventory fees

£70 – £90 (+VAT)

No inventory fees

Void periods & rent arrears

Landlords risk

No lost rent

Court charges

Landlords risk

No court costs

Tenant concerns

Requires landlord input

Resolved on your behalf

Routine maintenance

Landlords risk

No routine maintenance costs

Net rent


Guaranteed rent all year

Call us today on 0333 7727771 and find out why more and more landlords are trusting homeshare.

Our fantastic tenants!

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Your homeshare questions answered

Want to know more about the Homeshare model? Just click on the tabs or alternatively, give us a call on 0115 8450535.

Are you estate agents?

Homeshare is not an estate agent. We work with landlords to provide high-quality professional houseshares by renting properties directly from landlords. We provide accommodation to corporate and professional tenants.

So you’re property managers, then?

Yes. We sign a fixed-term contract factoring in all aspects of property letting and maintenance; normally for a fixed-term of 3-5 years.

Why did you choose to focus on shared accommodation and not regular lettings?

Home shares are quite the norm for young professionals and people looking for shorter stays without the hassle of all the normal terms of engagement; especially those who are relocating on work contracts. Homeshare are aware this is very labour intensive way of providing lets however feel there is a certain need for this as this isn’t a lot of focus or property professionals who only specialise in this area.

What types of properties do you deal with?

We rent all types properties from studios to large houses and even blocks. We have tenants looking for different types of rooms and home shares.

How do you decide how much to rent the places for and how quickly can you get a contract in place?

We rent from you for a fixed-term tenancy, paying you a guaranteed rent at the market rate or sometimes higher. We value properties based on factors such as: overall condition, number or rooms, parking facilities, location and total size. The process is simple and leaves you with a hassle free solution for your property. We do the following as standard:

  • We arrange a suitable time to visit your property to conduct a survey and valuation. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and understand the process in more detail.
  • You will receive an email with all the information and quotes so you can read through the terms and make sure everything is in order.
  • As soon as everything is agreed, we can send over your agreement; sometimes even completing everything on the same day!
What type of contract is in place ?

Home share provide a commercial lease agreement which has been drafted specifically for us. This makes homeshare your only tenant and we are responsible for your property. As part of your agreement, we have covered all the relevant areas with specific arrangements outlined in the contract document. We provide you the peace of mind to move forward with us which is why over 98% of our landlords renew with us.

When we have the agreement in place how long is it before I receive the rent ?

As we are you’re only tenant, you’ll receive full rent from us every month regardless if the property is tenanted or not.

Do I have to make specific arrangements with my mortgage provider?

There is no security of tenure for us as part of our agreement so it should not be an issue. We are happy for you to speak to your lender to check. We also have information we can provide to send to your mortgage lender to cover all aspects of this.

Is the rent paid directly?

We are the tenant so yes we are obliged, as per our agreement, to pay the rent directly into your bank account. So even if the property is vacant, you will still receive the rent in full every month to the account of your choice.

Are there any charges that we might need to bear in mind?

There are no charges to the landlord for our service. Our money is made by charging the tenants premium rental for offering them flexible all-inclusive stays. (Some charges for additional maintenance might apply.)

What if one of the residents doesn’t pay, or pays late?

This is not your problem. We will cover all rent payments regardless of whether the properties are tenanted or not. So it’s really just a case of sitting back and relaxing whilst your rent comes in full each month without fail.

Do you send me monthly statements?

Yes, we can send you monthly statements if you wish.

Who does all the property maintenance?

As part of our agreement, we cover the upkeep of the property and ensure the annual certification is all up to date and in order. We are happy to forward this to you to give you the added piece of mind that full compliance is carried out.

What happens if the tenants cause any damage to the property ?

Remember, we are your tenant. So if there is an issue at the property, we will take care of it for you. Just remember that our agreement covers everything up to economical repair so again relax we have it covered!

Do you carry out inspections at the property and safety checks?

Yes. We have regular property inspections and to be honest issues rarely if ever, go unnoticed. You can always guarantee matters will be resolved promptly due to a number of different methods of reporting. We also carry out formal inspections every six months. And of course Homeshare’s staff carry out informal inspections every time they visit a property, whether it is for a viewing or to check a gas meter. If you wish, we can arrange for you to periodically inspect the property yourself to make sure you are happy with the way we are managing things.

How do you find and evaluate potential tenants?

Homeshare originally started life providing accommodation for care staff and nurses. We still maintain a good relationship with large corporate clients who have a flow of key workers and personnel relocating to areas we cover.

We also deal with a number of agents, relocation teams, and graduate schemes to offer high-spec flexible homes. We work on the open market and also have incentives for current tenants with a referral scheme in place. Needless to say all tenants are throughly vetted and must pay credit/security checks and referencing as follows:

  • Previous landlord reference
  • Proof of employment (including their employment contract or pay slips)
  • Right to rent checks where needed
  • Visa check (if applicable)
  • Proof of address via bank statement or utility bill

We feel that our ability to assess individuals suitability is very important so a lot of training goes into ensuring the tenants are accurately profiled and placed in the right accommodation for them.

Do you accept students?

We very occasionally accept mature students and post graduates who are seeking quiet surroundings to carry out there studies.

What if a current tenants move out or we need to rent a vacant room?

Again we take on the responsibility to rent out rooms so if they are occupied or vacant, we will pay the rent to the landlord regardless.

What if a resident locks himself out or loses her keys?

That will not be anything you will ever have to deal with while we manage your property. Tenants will call us if they are locked out or lose their keys and we will organise replacements. Again, this is a primary benefit of having HomeShare as your sole tenant rather than having to manage the property yourself day to day.


We love agencies too!

Looking for tenants for your properties?

If you’re a lettings agency and have a vacant property, get in touch with us to discuss how we can create bespoke agreements.

We have hundreds of tenants and more joining each week so we can assist you in making sure you don’t have any void periods.

Call us today on 0333 7727771 and find out homeshare can help your agency.