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Jason Winters

a month ago
Excellent company to deal with. Property in Derby had great facilities, parking and perfect for getting into the centre. I recommend renting with them.
Zain Hassan

a month ago
Very pleased with the company’s service. I was looking for a property for a friend who was coming to study at Nottingham as an international student at a time of the year when all student accommodations were fully booked and a couple of other letting agencies had let me down. The very first impression wasn’t the best because I was made to wait half an hour for the first viewing but I found later that it was a result of the agent who was supposed to meet me running into an emergency. The replacement agent who met me, Stewart, was very apologetic that I had to wait and have been amazingly cooperative since then. I told Stewart my preferences for the sort of property I was looking for and he went out of the way of his normal job hours to make sure those preferences were met and offered a completely personalised service. All in all, very professional service and amazingly nice bunch of people and would recommend everyone looking for properties to go with them.
Rakesh Jose

2 months ago
I have been a tenant of Homeshare for few months in Nottingham. The best professional company to approach if you are looking for a house or shared room. They are really trustable and gives all the support whenever we need. Regardless which country you are from, they support your UK stay end-to-end.
Christian Akash

a month ago
One of the best letting agent, I had. Lived in their accommodation for about a year and 9 months. Really helpful and better service than others in notts
Hiren Ladwa

a day ago
Friendly staff, helpful and resolve issues fairly quickly. Would recommend, if you are looking for properties around Nottingham
Chandra Shekar Mandya Srinivasa

2 weeks ago
I came as a tenant in Nottingham for 1 month but stayed for 5 months. The house I sahred was quite big and had a very good TV room, seperate dining area. Very pleased with the company’s service. Homeshare are very professional and also very co-operative. Homeshare are very flexible during check-in and check-out times. When I checked-in they came to the property at 9:30PM on sunday and handed over the keys. Very easy and hassle free check outs. Promptly attend to the maintenance issues logged in their website. I am happy to recommend Homeshare and also provided their contact details to many of my colleagues who were looking for accommodation.
Paula Choin

2 months ago
Very happy with the company. I was able to move in quickly and easily when moving to Nottingham to start my new job. I was also able to change rooms with no problems and any maintenance problems were dealt with swiftly.
Caterina Chiofalo

5 months ago
I’ve been a tenant with homeshare for 7 months and I’ve never had any problems with the agency! They’re always available and they always reply to tenant’s requests. They have been very helpful at the begin when I needed to find an accommodation in a few days and at the end when I needed to extend my contract because of personal problems. The house was big, very nice and warm during last very cold winter. I highly recommend Homeshare if you’re looking for a shared accommodation!
Arun Prabhakar

3 months ago
The best company to find a house with. I was stuck during the first few day in UK and this company saved all the hassle in helping me. I was picked up from the temporary place I stayed initially with all my things.
I was moved to a lovely property in Wollaton which had great housemates. The maintenance services were always prompt throughout the whole year I stayed with them. For example I had my mattresses changed to new in one day when I requested and was also given additional furniture when i requested free of charge. Thanks to the person who move me in also. He was quite efficient in finding me a place in a matter of few hours and also close to my office which I requested. Thank you Homeshare!!!!
Arafat Mostafa

a month ago
They are the best at what they do . Sincere punctual and no hassle . They sorted us out . Top top man .
I would recommend to contact them rather than wasting time and money anywhere else .
Federica Barresi

a month ago
Very good mantainance. Had the possibility to meet amazing people during my house share.

2 months ago
Moved in to a beautiful houseshare in Mapperley Park courtesy of Homeshare. Was great to have a simple process, all bills included etc so took away a lot of the headaches. Also met some great people who years later I’m still friends with.
Georgi Donchev

6 months ago
The house was spotless and in great condition. Everything worked or got fixed immediately. The landlord was extremely helpful and even a couple of months after i moved out, very important documents were sent back to the old address. The landlord collected them and got them back to me. A massive thank you and keep with the great work !!
Kelvin Hepburn

4 months ago
Super fast and professional service with great support. Went the extra mile to ensure I was happy. The house/room was clean and functional and everything I needed at that time. Would recommend.
Elizabeth Crichton

4 months ago
I had multiple house viewings with other agencies and Homeshare were so welcoming, even when there was a mix up with my move in day they sorted something out. All the staff are very friendly. Property is great!
Aliesha Greenwood

5 months ago
Lived in one of their properties and always given really fast responses. When I was showed around the property it was clean and everyone was really smiley. Had no problems with this company 🙂
Paweł Bąkiewicz

5 months ago
I’ve been a tenant of Homeshare for the last 5 years and wholeheartedly can recommend their services. Great rooms in great locations. Professional staff always ready to help. If you need to rent a room in Nottingham you don’t need to look further.
James Wilson

6 months ago
Sorted me out with a room in a clean property at very short notice. Facilities were good and well maintained. Any maintenance issues were sorted quickly. Would recommend if you needs somewhere to stay with good facilities at very reasonable prices.
Andrew Walters

6 months ago
I lived in a shared accommodation in Derby for a year and a half. Never had any problems from any of the other 5 residents. The house was always quiet, never any trouble. Faults in the room were always sorted within a few days and if I was ever unsure of who to get in contact with, my point of contact was always happy to help. All in all very pleased with my stay here, would definitely recommend
Zoe Robinson

a month ago
Lovely team willing to help with any issues.
mark whitwham

4 months ago
I just want to thank you for what you have done for me. Great house. I have enjoyed living in mapperley, have met some great people in our house.
Many thanks again Mark.
Ps Its short term. “I’ll be back”?
Saul Goodman

2 months ago
Overall personalised flat viewings, clean affordable house shares, flexible contract, highly recommend.
Simon Olliffe

4 months ago
Lived in a homeshare property for near on 2 years, always friendly, always willing to help and accomodate wherever possible and plenty of property choices around. Would highly recommend these guys for your house share needs in Nottingham.
Otis wong

3 months ago
its been great living in harlaxton walk, this company has offered such a great hospitality!!!
The Guru

5 months ago
Found me cheap fully furnished accomodation on really short notice with bills included, without admin/reference fees.
Ramez Kian

5 months ago
Very nice place, close to city centre,
Available shopping around
Quite fair price
And supportive company for house maintenance
Suitable for students and juniors….
Patrick Otomo

7 months ago
Very helpful with my move in from London. No deposits and no fees at all. Repairs are done quickly.
roop kahlon

a year ago
I was originally booked in to view what looked like a block of student flats and as the gentleman that showed me around got talking to me he then offered to show me another property which he thought would suit me. He was right. The property was clean and the guys that live there were all closer to my age and all full-time professionals. I really appreciated the time taken to get to know me and understand my living requirements. Its a refreshing touch for a company to offer bespoke service in such a way. One of the concerns of house sharing are the people you’re sharing with, but Homeshare takes the time to try and ‘match’ their tenants together. I would recommend Homeshare Property if you’re looking for a room to stay. The property is well looked after and any problems are dealt with promptly. The amenities are great and the price is very fair.
Gautier Chartrel

a month ago
Good company, good houses and services
Mir Muhammad Lodro

5 months ago
I have lived in one of their property at Radford Boulevard for over a year. The house was amazingly decorated with all the new equipment. They maintain their property to very high standard and provide quick maintenance if there was any issue anywhere in the house. Respresentative is very humble and polite. I loved watching HDTV in the TV lounge beside kitchen. I love this property and wanted to stay here, but because my family was coming therefore I had to move in two bed property. I shall always be missing 66 Radford Boulevard and the family like friends Teo, Suly, Simon, Patrick, and Rebeccas.
Khanzada Noman

a year ago
I stayed at a shared accommodation managed by homeshare in Nottingham for 6 months. I really enjoyed my stay. Nice clean double room and shared living room, 2 shared bathrooms and a big back garden. Friendly and professional house sharers. And homeshare responded to any complaints promptly and fixed the issue quickly. Nice friendly staff. Would definitely recommend.
Jenna Bearfield

a year ago
The agent found me a room very quickly. The house is very nice, well looked after, and good value for money. Excellent wifi which is included in the rent, so that’s awesome.
Homeshare were easy to deal with and friendly throughout, would definitely recommend to friends.
buba tunda

11 months ago
A great house with plenty of room, the people I shared it with were really nice and the team were always very quick to sort out any problem.
Prayag Kharabi

a year ago
I stayed at a shared accomodation with 4 people for 3 months. The people were friendly and the room and house was really good. I enjoyed my stay 🙂
Boom Pow

a year ago
I rented a room for 10 months through Homeshare Property and had a great experience. The house was in good condition and an ideal location for me.

The staff are always friendly and whenever repairs came up they got dealt with quickly.

Would definitely recommend to anybody looking for a houseshare!

Ben Tanganelli

9 months ago
Property was nice, really friendly housemates and professional agents
Erwin Miranda

a year ago
Wonderful accommodation: clean, upto date equipment and selective housemates. The company and the estate agent was very helpful and polite to my needs. It was an excellent experience staying at this property. I shall be recommending my family and friends.
Jay Mac

a year ago
Edit after review/resolution.

While not a good start after a chat with the owner and resolution of some of the …More

While not a good start after a chat with the owner and resolution of some of the issues as well as guarantees of future behavior the last few weeks have drastically improved.

While there are issues they do seem to sincerely try.

Sean Mounfield

a year ago
Straight forward, No hassle and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend!
Yang Zhang

a year ago
It’s a nice place to live in. It is managed very well. Good choice.
theo duncan

a year ago
First class experience I lived in 121 Loughborough road for two years and had a great living experience, highly recommend them.
Samuel Robert Woodward

a year ago
Great location in Nottingham for work and getting into town at a really reasonable price with bills included. Took too long to fix problems.
Gemma James

a year ago
Any problems with property were quickly sorted out by the maintenance team. The house was functional and in a good location.
Kamran Nagi

2 months ago
James Hay

6 months ago
Jinesh Patel

10 months ago

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